All 'round the King's Throne


The Collection of works written by G.D.K. Huffman and where to find them. They are sorted into Short Stories, Novellas, and the Main Series. Both of the former sections are typically stand alone, while the continuous series currently being worked on is called "All 'round the King's Throne" or "Ode to Blood".

Collection of Short Stories set in the world of "Ode to Blood", the most recent of which being "To Face a Lion".

Main Series

Books in the main series "Ode to Blood", the first of which called "The Abyss Shall Empty" will be coming soon.


Collection of Novellas set in the world of "Ode to Blood", the first of which will release this year.

Most Recent Newsletter:

Exciting news today! The paperback version of "To Face a Lion" has launched for all you people who have been waiting for a copy you can hold in your hands! I even managed to place it at a reasonable price, however in doing so I could not sell it through Amazon. Every other major book retailer should be selling it though, and if one is not, let me know and I can see what can be done about that! More details can be found on my my website,, along with links to retailers.

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About the Author...

At the age of six years old, living in Whatcom County in Washington State, just shy of the Canadian border, Gabriel Huffman was sat down by his father and read “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. That small event kick started his lifelong interest in writing fantasy, and how the genre could be used beyond it's typical bounds. Twenty years and a Computer Science degree from Western Washington University later, he had all the tools and willpower necessary to finally publish his first short story; “To Face a Lion”. Though writing is his main form of art, he truly just loves being immersed in the joy and wonder of making things, and hopes he was able to share a little bit of that joy with you.