Short Stories

To Face a Lion

Among the Orcs, strength and capability are respected before all else. Something that has come between Iultsuch and his childhood friend. He has proven himself as a great hunter, but, in the arena of ritual combat, those are not the skills which are valued. Yet they are skills that his opponent Stetes possesses them in spades. When the renowned warrior challenged his childhood friend, Lresuch, for her hand in marriage, Iultsuch was left with no other option but to face the warrior or miss his opportunity to do the same.

As their ritual combat approaches, where Death himself will watch over the proceeding, Iultsuch is given plenty of time to reflect on his foolhardy and potentially deadly choice. He knew he was not strong enough to move the boulder before him. But, would Death be lenient and reward his bravery in some way he could not expect? In the end would fighting Stetes leave him wounded and alone forever, or was it what he needed to show his dedication? The challenge required to demonstrate a less obvious kind of strength.

If he wants to prove his love, he is going to have to face the lion.

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